About the Artist

Dorrel Harrison, a retired educator & photographer moved from upstate New York to Southern Indiana in 2003. A member of the Scott County Arts Council, Harrison sponsored a series of classic barn contests in 2007 & introduced his three dimensional barn plaques as prizes. In 2008 Harrison was named an Indiana Artisan, & is presently the only Indiana Artisan in Scott County. Dorrel has a pair of apprentices he is training in his plaque-crafting technique to help expand & preserve his craft.

The Artist's Process

The uniquely designed & detailed Barn Plaques Dorrel Harrison creates, are custom crafted from the wood of retired, fallen or existing barns. Through this recycling process, new life is brought to what was once going to be discarded. This process serves as a reminder for Harrison that he has been redeemed by one who has a far greater plan & purpose for his life.

Because of Harrison’s choice of materials & attention to detail, these plaques have a unique, authentic, three-dimensional style. There are two types of plaques, the traditional (approximately 24 inch base) & shadow box framed (approximately 18×24 inches). Both are hand-crafted, ready for display on a wall or shelf. It’s not uncommon for Harrison to visit the barn site or use photographs for reference while crafting each plaque. The barn’s history is included on the back of the plaque, adding a distinct touch for such a unique part of history.

Notable Displays

Dorrel Harrison’s Plaques have been displayed all over the country in places like:

  • Indiana State Museum Store
  • IN State Fair
  • Branson, MO
  • Madison Table Works

As well as a permanent free public display at the Mid-America Science Park in Scottsburg, IN, and a possible upcoming Bicentennial Barn Project display at the IN Landmarks Center at the Huddleston House.

Dorrel’s success story has been covered several times in the media:

  • AMAC
  • Extol Magazine
  • Southern Indiana Magazine
  • Several local & regional newspapers