Giving Back

Dorrel has made giving back a part of his creative mission since the beginning. Whether it’s donating a plaque for a non-profit or other organization or creating a special plaque for a grieving family to remember an important place to a deceased loved one, Dorrel is often willing to donate his time & talents to show support. To the right is an article from Southern Indiana Living Magazine about a donation to the family of an Indiana veterinarian, & below is a story in Dorrel’s own words about his donation to a family of former students.

“Several years ago I discovered that a neighbor in our previous home in East Hoosick, NY  passed away.  He was a farmer and managed a large Holstein dairy farm.  Many times during heavy snow storms in the northeast he would pull my station wagon out of drifts  and would be that friendly neighbor during my thirty three years. I had the privilege of teaching all six of his children in our local public school.  A great all american family. Upon learning of his departure I wanted to “do something” for his wife and six children. I proceeded to make six framed plaques of his large barn and have my son, a UPS pilot,  deliver them via UPS as a Christmas surprise.  Needless to say they were very happy and I discover as always that it is “better to give than receive.”” -Dorrel Harrison